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“Totally Mesmerizing”
Enjoy many hours of amazing neon, sparks, glowing light creations.

Want to impress your friends?

The amazing Finger Works use your fingers to guide thousands of particles of light!

Works on iOS 4.3+, iPhone and iPad!

Multiple Combinations!

On both iPhone and iPad, you can create different dynamic glow animations all depending on the number of fingers touching the screen:
1 – Rocket,
2 – Sparkle,
3 – Power Fingers,
4 – Energy flow,
5 – Atomic
and more on iPad!!!!


► iPhone and iPad support
► Multitouch (up to 5 touch points)
► Thousands of particles animated at 60 frames per second
► Changing/manual colors
► Play/pause the animation
► Save snapshots to your Photo Library
► Soundtrack (includes 3 tracks)
► Multiple animation options (ex: speed, tail, size, opacity, etc.)
► Ability to save and load option presets
► Multiple play modes: default, drawing, tranquility and user defined.



(USA) Great app. Lots of enjoyment

Love it. Relaxing. Can create a lot of neat moving images with 1 to multiple fingers, each changes the light patterns differently. The music background ads to the enjoyment. Again . . . RELAXING. Highly recommend this app.

(USA) WOW- Support this Dev

Have a lot of these & wasn’t expecting such a beautiful experience. Needs a better name! A lot of versatility with simply laid out options. The pause is great. Press ON and the particles move as long as you’re touching the screen, but the motion stops each time you lift your finger. Fantastic for capturing that perfect design to photos with the save button. And very addictive in a wonderful soothing way. But who can argue with that?

(USA) Great

I am glad I downloaded this game. The music is relaxing and the dancing particles are almost entrancing. Fun to play with young children too.

(UK) Great!! Love it!

Great app! Very colourful and easy to use. Looks fantastic on an iPhone 5!!

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